family craft day

Today was so much fun!  My mom, step-mom, mother-in-law, twin sister and I have decided to get together 5 times this year to do a craft.  This was the first event and it was my turn to host and do the craft.  

I chose to do a heart wreath for valentine’s day.  I found the idea on pinterest, located here.

My sister wasn’t able to make it down (due to the snow storm) so we set up skype and it worked out really well.  I love technology for this very reason!

It’s so awesome that all my mommas get along and enjoy each other’s company.  I’m a very lucky girl indeed!

my momma

my step-mom

my mom-in-law

Me and my final product.  Mine ended up a little more oval than I wanted but that’s okay I still like it:-)
I also made some very yummy goodies for us.  Homemade peanut butter cookies with butterfinger chocolate hearts.  And I also made, for the first time ever, homemade, totally from scratch, icing and all…cupcakes!  (Another find on pinterest, recipe here)  They were so very delish!!!

The very best part, as I sit here and type, is that my house is totally clean(from having company over), and I have zero things to do tomorrow.  This blog post checks the last item on my list of to do for the weekend!  Yea baby!  I’ll be taking my day of rest tomorrow, that’s for sure!  Gonna soak in some bible time.  Perfect weekend.


4 Comments to “family craft day”

  1. Fun!!! Your wreaths are adorable!

  2. LOVELY wreaths, but most of all…you’re blessed to have such wonderful relationships with all the women in your life!😀 Would love to taste the cupcakes he he…(too lazy to make some myself ha ha…)

  3. Yeah it was a really fun day. Thanks girls!

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